Prenatal Yoga

Join us for prenatal yoga in Alexandria, VA. Serving Alexandria, DC, Arlington, Annandale and Springfield.

Prenatal Yoga Class, Alexandria VA, Washington DC

This is a 1.5 hour class designed for women at any stage of pregnancy. The focus is on relaxation and fostering a belief in the body’s innate wisdom concerning childbirth.

The first half-hour is childbirth education. We will discuss what to expect during labor, how to prepare for birth, labor positions, how to select a pediatrician, breastfeeding and the Happiest Baby on the Block techniques, including swaddling your baby. You will receive several handouts.

The remaining hour is gentle yoga appropriate for pregnancy. You will learn yoga postures, stretching, vocal toning and different breathing techniques that will help prepare your mind and body for the remaining months of pregnancy and childbirth. We will discuss how to overcome any fears you might have surrounding your birth.


Sharon L. Stevenson