Mom & Baby Yoga

Mom and Baby Yoga Alexandria, VA

Mom & Baby Yoga featuring Itsy Bitsy Yoga

This 1.25 hour yoga class is appropriate for moms and babies who are at least six weeks old but not yet crawling. The yoga class begins with Itsy Bitsy Yoga for babies, a gentle developmental program created by Helen Garabedian. In addition to fostering a loving parent/baby bond, Itsy Bitsy Yoga can help babies sleep longer, improve digestion and stomach troubles, relieve fussiness and colic, enhance motor development, strengthen the immune system and encourage neuromuscular development.

Next, the babies are settled comfortable on the floor while moms do yoga designed to help relax, stretch and tone the body. The last part of the class is learning infant massage which can stimulate infant development and promotes attachment between mom and baby.

Mom and Baby Yoga Alexandria, VA

As always, the yoga class structure is extremely accommodating and moms are encouraged to take care of their baby’s needs whenever necessary and then rejoin the class. There is ample space for breastfeeding, soothing and diapering babies in the room. There is always time at the end of class for discussion and moms appreciate the support and wisdom shared by the group.

Mom and Baby Yoga Alexandria, VA


Photos by Mariya Molduvanova


Sharon L. Stevenson