Frequently Asked Questions about the Classes


All classes held at:
Landmark Towers
101 S. Whiting Street, #314
Alexandria VA 22304

Where can I park?

There is free parking in the back of the building, There are a few spots along the back of the building that are either mark reserved or handicapped other than those spots you can park anywhere.

Which elevators do I take to get to Yoga Birth and Beyond LLC?

We are located on the third floor. There are two sets of elevators in the building. Those elevators are to the left once you enter the back of the building. Take the elevators that sit side by side. Do not take the small elevator, on the other side of the hall, because it has a mind of its own, which sometimes is not appreciated.


What communication do I receive from you once I register online for Prenatal Yoga or Mom and Baby Yoga?

Once we received a message saying your have paid for a class. We will email you the registration form for the appropriate class. We ask that you fill out the form and bring it with you to the first class.

How do I register for Prenatal Yoga and Mom and Baby Yoga if I don’t want to do it online?

Please email Sharon the class and day you would like to attend. Then she will email you the registration form. We ask that you fill out the form and return it to us with payment. Once we receive your form and payment you are registered.

What communication do I receive from you once I register for HypnoBirthing?

There is a deposit of $100, paid at the time of registration. This deposit holds your spot in the class. The balance of $200 is due the first day of class.

If you register online we will let you know we received the deposit. Then we will mail you some paperwork along with the book and CD. We ask you to fill out the paperwork and return it to us. The balance of $200 is due the first day of class.

If you would rather pay by check then simply email Sharon (sharon@yogabirthandbeyond.com)which class you are interested in along with your name, address and phone number. Then we will mail you the paperwork, book, and CD. We ask that you fill out the paperwork and return it to us along with your deposit check of $100, which holds your spot in the class. The balance of $200 is due the first day of class.


Do I need to bring anything with me to HypnoBirthing?

You will need to bring the book I mail you prior to the first class and the three-ring notebook you receive at the first class. Please bring a water bottle – there is a water dispenser in the room for your use.

Is there a break during the 3-hour HypnoBirthing class?

Yes, we have a short break about half way through the class. During this break Yoga Birth and Beyond LLC provides refreshments.

Do I need a partner in order to take the HypnoBirthing class?

No. Although the class is “couple-oriented”, having a partner is not a requirement.

Can the person coming to class with me be someone other than the father/partner – a friend, my mom, my sister, or birth doula, for example?

Yes, anyone who is supportive of you and your birth choices.


What should I wear to Prenatal Yoga Class? 

Wear something that gives you freedom of movement. We do not wear shoes during yoga so please wear socks if your feet get cold.

Do I need to bring anything with me for Prenatal Yoga Class?

Yoga Birth and Beyond LLC has yoga mats, blocks, bolsters, blankets, and straps. If you prefer to bring your own mat, please do, or feel free to use what we have in the studio. Please bring a water bottle – there is a water dispenser in the room for your use.

What is discussed during the childbirth education part of Prenatal Yoga?

Each week there is a half hour talk before we start with yoga. There are handouts that go along with each talk.

What topics are discussed?

Some of the topics discussed are breathing, optimum fetal positioning, vocal toning, questions to ask a pediatrician, kegal exercises, perineal massage, stages and phases of labor, signs of labor, what to expect during labor, comfort measures during labor, how to use bath and shower during labor, induction of labor, back labor, natural means to start labor, use of the birth ball, happiest baby on the block techniques, how to advocate for yourself, and breastfeeding.

Each topic is meant to give you an overview of what to expect as you move through your pregnancy and birth.


What is the best thing about Mom and Baby Yoga?

This class is a wonderful opportunity to bond with your baby through Itsy Bitsy Yoga and Infant Massage.

How can I get the most out of this class?

Surrender all expectation of what you think the class is going to be like and just go with the flow.

What should I bring to Mom and Baby Yoga?

You will need your baby, your diaper bag and a small blanket for your baby to rest upon. I will have the room set with mats and floor chairs for you to sit upon.

What should I not bring to Mom and Baby Yoga?

There is limited space in the waiting area so it is best to leave your stroller in the car and either bring your baby in the car seat or carry your baby in.

What happens if my baby cries during Mom and Baby Yoga?

Number one  – everyone else is the room is happy to learn that it isn’t just their baby that cries. I ask you to stay in the room with your baby and comfort them until they have worked their way through what was bothering them.

We have exercise balls that mom can sit upon while holding her baby. Babies appreciate it when mom bounces up and down on the ball a little and many times that movement will assist the baby to calm.

What if my baby needs to be changed, fed, etc during class?

If your baby has a need you will take care of changing, feeding, burping, etc and then join back in with the activity. For breastfeeding moms this class is a safe environment to comfortably nurse your baby. The floor chairs are comfortable to sit on while to tend to your baby’s needs.

Where do I change my baby?

I have small mats for the babies to rest upon. I ask you to bring a small blanket to cover the mat. You can use your changing mat on the floor to change your babies. Mats are cleaned after each class.

I continue to teach so you learn by observing. Moms move in and out of the activities depending upon their baby’s needs.

What if my baby starts to crawl during the 10-week session?

Usually babies when they start to move around stick pretty close to their mom’s mat. If they start to wonder and roll over other babies we place a couple of bolsters between your baby and the neighboring baby. You will know when your baby has outgrown the class, because you will spend more time going after your baby and bringing them back to your mat than you will in participating in class. At that time I would refund to you any remaining class fee.


Sharon L. Stevenson