Prenatal Yoga Instructor

Sharon Stevenson’s life mission is to empower women through their pregnancy, birth and as they step into motherhood. Over the years she has worked with over 1500 families (and counting!) in the NOVA/DC area. With a growing interest in the natural abilities of the human body, Sharon accepted a position at the National Center for Homeopathy. She spent over 25 years serving as the Executive Director until retiring in 2013. After seeing amazing results in others, Sharon and her husband Gary decided to raise their two daughters using homeopathic and osteopathic medicine, cranial work, and acupuncture.

In 2000, Sharon was introduced to birth doula work while organizing the National Center for Homeopathy’s program entitled, “Homeopathy in Midwifery.” Motivated to support women during their birthing process, Sharon began training to become a certified doula. She wanted to encourage women to tap into their own strength and believes that if women learn to release their fears of the unknown that surround birth, they will approach their baby’s birth with more serenity and confidence.

In 2002 Sharon became a certified prenatal yoga instructor (registered with Yoga Alliance). Many of the comfort techniques she learned as a doula, along with elements of childbirth education are included into her prenatal yoga classes – making her classes truly unique. Sharon says, “The more things a woman can put into her ‘bag of tricks’ when preparing for the birth of her baby, the more options she will have once labor begins.” Her primary concern is that women learn to believe in their body’s natural ability to know exactly what it needs to do during labor.

Sharon is a HypnoBirthing Practitioner teaching childbirth education to new and veteran parents. She realizes that her own birth experiences held such wonderful memories because she had approached them without fear and with confidence, which is exactly what she is teaching women today. She doesn’t claim that birth is a walk in the park, and admits it’s more difficult for some women than others, but she firmly believes that all women can benefit from the techniques that HypnoBirthing has to offer.

In addition, Sharon has a certificate in hypnosis. Further, Sharon was thrilled to learn about The Happiest Baby on the Block and is now certified in these techniques. She wishes there was something like this when she was a new mom trying to learn how to comfort and soothe a fussy baby.

Sharon is also a certified instructor of Postpartum Yoga, Infant Massage, Itsy Bitsy Yoga, Dancing for Birth, and H.U.G (Help Understanding and Guidance for Young Families).

Many prenatal yoga moms often return for Mom and Baby Yoga classes.

If you take one of Sharon’s classes you will quickly recognize her commitment to pregnant women and their families. She is honored to support women through pregnancy, breastfeeding, and the early months of parenting. Her tag line is, “Serving Mothers and Babies” and that is what she loves to do.


Sharon L. Stevenson